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About the Institute

About the Institute

Embraer Institute contributes to the process of social inclusion through Education.​

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Social Partnership

PPS.gifThe program creates alliance between organizations and volunteers.​​

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Embraer High Schools

Juarez Wanderley

Its 600 students attend the three high-school grades, in a full-time schedule, 10 hours day, 6000 teaching hours in 3 years.

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New Embraer High School benefits​ students from the public basic education schools from Botucatu surroundings.

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Mini-enterprise Program

The participants found a company, define their product, manufacture and sell it. Thus, they get familiar with the basic processes experienced in the corporate daily routine.

Embraer Mini Glider Championship

Airplane made from recyclable materials involves elementary students real challenge in aviation.


Digital Inclusion and the World of Work

The program main objectives are to empower students in the field of information technology and citizenship and to offer a job-training alternative to prepare the student for the labor market.


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